4 most comfortable pillows that complement all sleeping styles

Pillows are a vital part of our sleep and it is good to have so many buying options to meet our sleeping needs.

They provide firm support to our head and neck. The only thing that goes against it, is its cost. For buying quality pillows Dubai is the ideal place with so many reputed brands.

4 most comfortable pillows that complement all sleeping styles

Contour pillow

  • This pillow is designed for side sleepers
  • It helps you maintain a proper posture during sleep
  • Counter pillows are anti-snoring pillows
  • It is made of memory foam and buckwheat
  • For contour pillows Dubai based stores offer wide range of variety

Down pillow

  • It is ideal for stomach sleepers.
  • It is filled with soft material, Fluff
  • Dow pillows are very soft.
  • It is light-weight and durable and washable.
  • Require shaking for maintaining its shape
  • Suitable for people who sweat during sleeping.

Latex Pillows

  • They are made from latex rubber.
  • Good for people with back or neck pain
  • These pillows are insect-resistant and good for people with allergies.
  • These are long-lasting pillows.

Water pillow

  • As the name suggests, they are filled with water.
  • The bottom part is filled with water while the upper part is made of polyester.
  • You can adjust the height and firmness of the pillow by filling it with different water levels.
  • It’s heavier and remains unmoved during sleep.