Why Do Human Beings Need Sleep to Survive?

Sleep is crucial for the well-being and health of human beings.  According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), human beings spend the one-third of their whole life in sleeping, and it is indispensable.

However, people usually delay sleep owing to their hectic and busy routines. It is taken for granted until the time has arrived when health symptoms of lacking sleep occur. It has been observed that many medical specialists and doctors suggest the sleep as a cure to various diseases.

Therefore, it is imperative to recognize the importance of sleep for healthy life. Nevertheless, sleep environment plays an important role to ensure a comfortable sleep. It means that having a good quality mattress Abu Dhabi at home can give you a breath of relaxation and comfort.

So, never underestimate the value of sleep in any way. You should maintain a proper sleep routine to enjoy the blessings of life.

Why Do Human Beings Need Sleep to Survive?

The Sleep Stages

  • Phase 1: people drift in and out of sleep and can easily be awakened.
  • Phase 2: The brain waves slow down and eye movements cease.
  • Phase 3: Brain waves slow down even more leading to deep sleep
  • Phase 4: stage of deep sleep where there are no muscle or eye movements.
  • Phase 5: A stage where breathing becomes irregular and eyes moves rapidly.

Sleep Facts, You may not know:

  • Humans spend 1/3 of their whole life in sleeping
  • 12% of people dream in black and white
  • Longest period without sleep is 11 days
  • Sleep deprivation can kill more quickly than food deprivation
  • Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep

Sleep is indispensable because:

  • It speed up the growth of human body
  • Sleep ensures comprehensive cognitive development
  • It makes easy conservation of energy
  • Sleep helps the mind in consolidation of information
  • It ensures proper functionality of immune system
  • Sleep is considerably effective anti-ageing factor
  • It makes the central nervous system strong
  • Sleep aids to organize and archive memories

What Are The Qualities To Look For In A Mattress?

For the purchasing of best Mattress Abu Dhabi based online stores should be your preferred choice. But ensure that when you are buying a mattress, do take a test try because it will help you confirm most of the qualities.

Buying a mattress could be a tricky thing for you if you are new to it. As you don’t know the specific qualities and things to look for in a mattress, that’s why you might fall for such a product which isn’t durable, comfortable and long lasting either. So, if you have to buy a new mattress for your bedroom, then this blog post is certainly going to help you a lot in that particular regard.

Qualities of a Mattress Abu Dhabi

Talking about the shops and outlets, for this reason, well you can find them in numbers because everyone needs to buy it anyways. So, there are a lot of physical outlets and online stores as well that are selling it in a wide range of variety. We can say the Mattress Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah or else are the best places to buy your mattress; but how about the knowledge of the right qualities? What is that you should look for in it before finally purchasing? So, let’s start with it.


The first and foremost important quality you look for in it is the comfort-ability. Does it provide you with the required level of comfort that you need? Always make sure that it is the one that could satisfy you in that regard. Since it is an expensive product and you are spending a lot of buck on it, so you need to be certain regarding this quality. The reason is that, if it wouldn’t be comfortable enough then you are going to just lose your money for no benefit. It was better to not buy it, instead of buying it wrong.


The next important quality to look for is the durability of a mattress. If it is a durable product and can last for years without troubling your back and body at all, then it is certainly the best thing for you. But if it is not durable and doesn’t have the tendency of lasting long without troubling your back and body, then it is the going to be the weirdest thing you would ever buy. Your money is just going to get spent for no benefit at all. That’s why always ensure the high durability of your mattress.


Just like many other daily use products, a mattress is also supposed to be highly user-friendly. One could easily move and shift it from one place to another. It shouldn’t be a piece of support that is good for a person that is lying right in the middle. In case if you have to share it with your family members or friends, they should also feel as comfortable as you feel by sleeping right in the middle of the mattress. Don’t ever ignore its user-friendliness in any aspect and regard, if you want to make your money count.


Is it light-weight enough that you could lift it easily at times when necessary? Your mattress is supposed to be as light-weight as possible. There are a lot of spring and coil mattresses that are extremely heavy that a single person event can’t move it. So you need to avoid that thing at any cost because such pieces are just useless. Whereas the light-weight ones are the awesome ones, you would personally feel the difference after using it for some months.

Well-Crafted Paddings

The paddings of the mattress must be well-crafted as well. It is also a really important quality you must look for in it. If the paddings are not done neatly and properly, then your mattress will lose its shape very soon. So, what you need to do here is that you have to make sure the paddings are excellent and would last long. If they are good, then this means you have invested your money in the right product.

Always Take a Test Try

For the purchasing of best Mattress Abu Dhabi based online stores should be your preferred choice. But ensure that when you are buying a mattress, do take a test try because it will help you confirm most of the qualities. It will help you understand if it worth it or not? So, don’t hesitate or shy and ensure you take a test drive for a good period.

Survey Reveals Mattress is used for more than just sleep!


For purchasing best mattress Dubai based outlets are the best option. But before you actually buy one, you must ensure it will fulfill your needs in a better way. You must try it before purchasing, so it best fits your size, weight and height. As, you are going to use your mattress more often for most of your daily routine activities, that’s why it is necessary for you to make your expenditures count.


Survey Reveals Mattress is used for more than just sleep

A mattress is a really important product which every one of us typically use in our routine life. One might say it is used for sleeping purpose only. But the latest surveys revealed, it is been used for a lot of other purposes as well.

Internet Browsing:

60% of people reported, they browse internet most of the times when they are on their mattress.

Social Media:

54% of them normally run their social media accounts.


57% of them check their emails when they are on their mattress.


Around 40% of the people use to read books on it.

Watching Movies/TV Shows:

Around 60% of the people said they prefer watching movies and TV shows on their mattress.

Feel Cozier:

66% of them say they lie on their mattress just to feel cozy.

Misleading Mattress Hype, How to Avoid It?

You will come across different outlets in the UAE where salespersons will use different jargon and say anything just to sell a mattress. This piece of writing will help you in become familiar with different latest forms available for sale in the modern markets.

Mattress Dubai

You might have heard about organic food, those trends now are also shaping in the mattress industry. Yes, you can get an organic mattress. It may, however, depend on the type of supplier you are dealing with.

Let’s continue with an overview of some common terms:

Chemical-free mattress:

This is a common phrase used in the modern world; however, it isn’t possible or true. Almost everything we use today comprises of chemicals. Take the example of oxygen and water. What’s your thought about them, are they chemical free?

One must look for a mattress Dubai -based seller offering mattresses that are free from toxic chemicals usually found in polyurethanes and flame retardants. Medical research carried out lately has established the fact that there are a number of chemicals utilized in foams used for mattresses. These chemicals can be harmful to one’s health and may damage his/her DNA.

Non-toxic mattress:

It is not necessary that all mattresses might be toxic. Toxicity works with human vulnerabilities and several chemicals. There are situations where the inhaling of gaseous chemicals may dent one’s health when one is exposed to such gases for longer periods of time.

People with medical histories and vulnerabilities may face such problems when using low-quality mattresses. It would not be a bad idea to ask the sales rep about the materials that are being used in mattresses they are selling to one.

100% latex:

When such terms are used, the intention is to provide buyers with absolute assurance; however, things could be misleading.

100% natural latex may only implies the use of a serum or raw sap that may have been obtained from under the bark of a rubber plant. Additives and curing agents would be required in small amounts so as to process the sap and turn it into a sheet of foam intended for sleep.

No flame retardants:

Each and every mattress sold is quality checked by producers and it is ensured that it is passed through fire safety tests before displaying it for sale at outlets. A variety of flame retarding chemicals are used by most manufacturers and this may cause health issues, especially to those who might be prone to various allergies.

Look for the best mattress Dubai oriented solutions that are always backed with alternative solutions, such as wool fibre (batting) used within the mattress casing as a noteworthy alternative against chemical flame retardants.

Time to say no to hypes:

With all the information shared above, it would now be easy for you to avoid false and misleading claims and get your hands on realistic and branded solutions only. You can now easily say no to hypes, and go for the right and organic mattress that best fits your sleeping needs.


Facing Sleep And Back Problems? Know The Causes!

The difference between a good, bad and ugly mattress is pretty much prominent. You simply cannot afford to by the wrong one. Your aim should be focused on best mattress Dubai oriented solutions if you want to cope with the hectic routine and work load here in UAE markets.

The image below is going to help you in understanding the ever so crucial role played by quality and branded mattresses, pillows and other furniture items that are offered by reliable, renowned and affordable brands operating in UAE markets.

Mattress Dubai is a domain that is overcrowded with huge variety. One may find it tricky and difficult when it comes to get hands on the right ones provided one is dealing with the right outlet. To be there and making that right purchase, you must be aware of all the option that are available to you and are lasting and reliable in nature:

best mattress Dubai

A Bad (low quality mattress) will:

  1. Be less supportive to your shoulders, spine and hips.
  2. Sag heaviest part of your body such has hips, this will create hammock effect.
  3. Create pressure points that may make you toss and turn the whole night.

Interesting Fact!

A mattress low in quality is going to deprive you from reaching stage III/IV or what they call it, “REM sleep” as much as one’s body may need it for the sake of repairing and recharging itself every night.

STAGE 3 & 4 goes down to stage 1 or 2:

X – We move out of stage 3 and 4 and go as low as stage 2 and 1 just because of tossing, turning and other interruptions in sleep.

X– This means we are deprived of “deep healing” Sleep!

Medical experts associated poor sleep routines to may health and fitness issues, such as:

X – Obesity

X– Stroke

X– Diabetes

X– Back Pain

X – Bad Memory and

X – Immune problems.

A Good (low quality mattress) will:

  • Offer support that is required to align your spine, shoulders and hips.
  • Provide comfort required under your shoulders and hips just to avoid pressure points from taking place.
  • Seamless and uninterrupted sleep is what you get each night when sleeping on a best mattress.

Interesting Fact!

If suffering with back pain already you will find it easy to reduce it plus prevention from such health oriented issues is made easy with the help of such mattresses.


Top Tips for Buying a New Bed

beds in Dubai

Buying a new bed is one of the most important decisions you take in life. Not only are beds a fairly expensive purchase, you’re also likely to keep yours for at least 10 years.

Add to this the fact that we spend almost one third of our lives asleep, and it starts to makes sense to do some research on the topic before you begin the buying process.

It’s important to keep in mind that alongside the cost of purchasing a new bed, your first priority should be comfort. Beds come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, and a bed that’s generally considered comfortable by most people might not suit you.

With that in mind, here are some top tips for buying beds in Dubai:

Comfort is Key

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a new bed is the level of comfort it provides. Most people don’t realize just how much a good mattress and bed can lower your levels of stress during the week.

Sleeping on a mattress that’s too stiff for your back will lead to prolonged back and neck aches, and you’ll find yourself waking up feeling tired, more often than not.

When at the shop, make sure you spend at least 15 minutes sitting or lying down on the bed to get a good feel for it. Ask yourself if it’s comfortable enough to sleep on daily for at least 8 hours. Check the quality of the materials used in its construction; wooden beds tend to get creaky as they age.

Size Does Matter

Beds and mattresses range in size from toddler to king size, and it’s important to know which size would suit your needs. Here, there are two things to keep in mind:

  • The size of the room the bed will be installed in. There’s no point in buying a king sized bed if it will leave little to no space to move within the room.
  • What kind of leg room you’re looking for. For couples, it’s always advisable to get at least a queen sized bed. This ensures adequate leg room for both people regardless of their sleeping position.

 If the bed will only be used by one person, it might make more sense to get something smaller.

Be Equally Picky About the Mattress and Pillows

Once you’ve figured out what kind of bed you want to buy, it’s time to think about what you’re actually going to be resting your body on, the mattress and the pillows.

 Once again, comfort is the top priority here. There’s no point in getting a comfortable bed if the pillows are too stiff for you to lie on. It’s the same case with mattresses.

For both mattresses and pillows Dubai is an excellent place to shop. There’s a large variety available, and you’re almost always guaranteed to find something that fits your daily needs.

Bed Frames You Need To Know About!

An energetic routine requires a fresh start every morning. And a fresh start requires a good night sleep that is free from all kinds of interruptions. Along with many other factors that may deprive one from having a good night sleep, bed selection may also play a major role. The problem is that this area is normally neglected because people at times don’t realize the importance of getting hands on a perfectly comfortable mattresses and Beds in Dubai is critical.

Experts believe that the effort should not be limited to focusing on beds only, i.e. all the other associated elements like, types of mattresses, size and height of the bed, frame and Pillows Dubai associated factors must all be given equal attention for one to be able to make it worthwhile effort.

The image below will elaborate different types of frame so as to provide the reader with basic knowledge about the different frame types. This will make the selection process easy for one as a buyer:

Beds in Dubai

While buying a bed, you will need to consider many associated factors with it, such as type, quality, comfort, height and price.

There is one more factor that is normally overlooked, i.e. type of the frame and this in the longer run may cause interruption in one’s sleep when mattress and bed frame are not aligned nicely with each other.

Types of Bed Frames

Adjustable – usually made of metals, these frames are portable in nature and least expensive.

Bunk Bed – This type has two or more full beds stacked on each other. Usually, used for kids.

Canopy – This type has 4 extra tall posts that are used to hold the detachable canopy that comes.

Four Post – Classic in nature, these beds are available in metal and wood with a post on each corner, backed with elegant headboards and elaborated designs.

Platform – These are low to ground, backed with designs to avoid the need for box spring. This type too is among the affordable ones.